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Cap Public Beta Release

Cap Public Beta Release

April 25, 2024

After six months of development, I am proud to announce that Cap has officially launched in public beta.

This launch marks the beginning of an exciting journey, and your feedback is more important than ever.

The goal isn't to just create a Loom alternative, but to build the world's best screen recording and sharing tool.

Through the power of community and open source, we'll get there.

Let's dive into what you can currently do with Cap...

Right now, you can use Cap in two different ways. Either via the browser app, or the macOS app. They work fairly similarly, although the browser app currently has more functionality. The macOS app is built with Tauri, and we're working towards future releases for Windows and Linux.

With either the browser or macOS app, you select your recording options (webcam, screen, microphone), you record your video, and then on recording stop you'll receive your Cap link. With your Cap link, you're able to receive comments and reactions, and view the analytics data from sharing it.

Cap Browser App

You can access the Cap browser app on any desktop computer (Windows, Linux, macOS). This is the easiest way to get started with Cap, and requires no download. You can record your entire screen or just a specific window or tab, with your webcam overlayed. It's also very easy to resize and change the position of it in your recording.

Cap Web App Screenshot

Cap macOS App

It's still very early days for the macOS app, but after a bunch of testing, the app is now stable enough to reliably take screen recordings of your desktop. Right now you can only record the entire screen, but more options are coming soon, as well as Windows and Linux releases. If you'd like to contribute to the Windows release, we are always looking for more contributors.

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Upcoming Features

  • Automatic transcription (releasing very soon)
  • Custom scenes (branded videos, automatic zoom)
  • Video editing
  • Cap AI (generated description, title, etc)
  • Password protected videos
  • Custom domains
  • Embeddable videos
  • API access
  • Team sharing

You can view the full Cap roadmap here.

Cap is still a little rough around the edges in some areas, but I'm working day and night to ship regular updates.

Please feel free to send me as much feedback as you like. My inbox is always open.

This is just the beginning.

@richiemcilroy - Founder of Cap